Hello, I am

Senga Glacier

I am NZ based photographer Senga Glacier.

The left one is my picture, of course, it is greatly enhanced by computer.

Here are some little achievements with my endeavour.

I am the first one who created starry wedding photography from Oct. 2011;

I am the first one who shot wedding photo at Blue Ice Glacier from 2011;

I am the first one who applied drone for wedding. I started binding Gopro to DJI Phantom 1, it shaked and low-effective, but I made, I was laughed at by competitors but I understand where the future is;

I often got laughed at, it was doubted fake my wedding photo with full background of cherry blossom, too incredible how comes the flowers were so low. Actually I used the ladder.

I developed Glowing Worm wedding photography after Chinese celebrity couple, Shishi LIU and Nicky Wu Qilong.

In June 2016 I created my own photography style of Chinese Painting.

I believe photograph is just a tool for creatives, nothing more, so I do not have loyalty with any camera makes.

Always fond of special props and collecting vintage classic cameras and antiques. In 2017 i got glowing wedding gown and made a huge moon balloon in 2018.

Just show some screen snaps about my original pictures. You will have idea that some incredible effects are real.